REMIT Reporting in Great Britain

On this page we explain the most important terms and questions of the REMIT reporting in GB.

REMIT Reporting in GB – Basic Information

Registering as a market participant under REMIT

Under REMIT, Market Participants (MPs) trading wholesale energy products for delivery in GB are required to register with Ofgem before entering into transactions.

REMIT Registration User Guide

REMIT Registration Form

You can find non-confidential data on MPs registered with Ofgem in the REMIT national public register database.

Market participants that are established or resident in the UK that wish to enter into transactions or place orders in EU wholesale energy markets must register with a national regulatory authority (NRA) of one of the EU-27 Member States in which they are ‘predominantly active’.

Transaction Reporting in GB

Publication of Inside Information in GB

Ofgem strongly encourages the use of appropriate Inside Information Platforms (IIPs) for the effective publication of inside information relating to the GB wholesale energy market.

MPs considering using other IIPs for the publication of inside information relating to the GB wholesale energy market should consider whether those platforms will ensure that the inside information is as widely received by other relevant MPs operating in the GB market as that provided by the BMRS or the service operated by National Grid.

National Grid User Guide for Providers

Inside Information Reporting in GB

Inside information disclosure

REMIT also obliges market participants to disclose any inside information which they possess in respect of business or facilities which they or their parent or related undertaking owns, controls or has operational responsibility for in an effective and timely manner.

If you would like to notify us of a potential breach of REMIT, please email

Ofgem Open Letter on REMIT Inside Information

REMIT Procedural Guidelines

REMIT Procedural Guidelines set out the general approach to enforcing REMIT and cover the following:

    • Section 1: Explains how REMIT applies in GB, what the REMIT requirements are, and what legal powers we have to enforce them.
    • Section 2: Sets out our objectives and regulatory principles in exercising our REMIT enforcement functions.
    • Section 3: Sets out the types of information we use to monitor for possible REMIT breaches
    • Section 4: Sets out the criteria we use for opening an investigation into a failure to
      comply with REMIT requirements
    • Section 5: Sets out how a REMIT investigation can be expected to proceed
    • Section 6: Explains how our powers to seek an injunction operate
    • Section 7: Explains how we can bring an investigation to a close via Settlement