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Webware REMIT Inside Information Platform

REMIT Inside Information Portal enables all European market participants to publish and receive Urgent Market Messages (UMM).

For all our customers the usage of the portal is free of charge.

Portal link: inside-information.de

In order to receive access to the Inside Information Portal, please send a request to our customer service:  



Webware RRM Service for ACER and ElCom (Switzerland)

As one of the first companies Webware Internet Solutions GmbH was added to the ACER list of RRM (Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators).

We offer all interested companies the opportunity to use our RRM service.

All "fundamental data" and "transaction data" messages have been certified and can be transmitted to ACER with the help of Webware RRM-Service.

ACER ID:  B0001064H.DE      EIC:  11XW-WEBWARE---Z

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ACER-XML Converter

With the ACER-XML converter you can create ACER-XML files for GasCapacity, LNG, GasStorage, REMIT Table1 and Table2 (more formats on request).
You are not bound by our Webware RRM service. You can send the files created by the tool to any RRM service provider.


  • creation of UTI / ContractID
  • XML validation
  • SFTP Interface
  • email delivery of UTI / ContractID to contracting partners
  • creation of "mirror" messages
  • processing of schedule transactions
  • time series for gas and electricity delivery
  • Excel interface
  • log file

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KiTRMS Interface

KiTRMS (KISTERS Transaction Reporting Management System) is a standard interface for portfolio management system Kisters AG (BelVis PFM) and DACHS GmbH (eRisk®) for REMIT. 



EXCEL Templates for GasCapacity(Table4), GasStorage, LNG, Storage, Table1 and Table2

The templates are provided to you with a guide and help you to fill the fields in Table1 and Table2.


  • optional fields can be hidden
  • backloading support
  • creation of UTI / ContractID
  • creation of CSV file
  • email and SFTP interface

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We offer all interested companies a free version of the testing-portal where they get the chance to test their ACER-XML messages before their productive opperations.
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REMIT Reporting Portal

The REMIT-Reporting software solution allows a generation of ACER XML messages. We offer Excel, CSV and database interfaces.
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Legal-Check - Consulting service for REMIT

The consulting company for environmental questions Dr. Poppe AG offers advice for 1227/2011/EG "REMIT" regulation for market participants of electricity and gas market.
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Partner program

With Webware RRM-service and REMIT reporting portal you get the chance to expand your product spectrum with a comfortabl tool for supporting your service.



DREWAG - Stadtwerke Dresden GmbH
Bayerngas GmbH
Stadtwerke Cottbus GmbH
Bayernugs GmbH ACER RRM


VW Kraftwerk GmbH