On this page we inform you about ACER REMIT news.


04.2023 – REMITTable1_V1 is planned to be discontinued

In April 2023 the REMITTable1_V1 Schema will be discontinued.

03.2023 – Update on REMIT Table 4 schema change (Gas transportation)

For end of Q1 ACER planed to public new GasCapacity V2 schema.

02.02.2023 – ACER’s latest REMIT Quarterly is out

The 31st edition covers the last quarter of 2022 and features:

    • An assessment of the operation and transparency of different categories of organised market places and ways of trading, detailing market participants’ activity and the trends in REMIT data reporting and data collection;
    • The statistics for registered reporting mechanisms’ (RRMs’) contingency reports;
    • An updated overview of the sanction decisions for the year 2022, with 350 REMIT cases under review at the end of the fourth quarter; and
    • A summary of the most recent updates of REMIT documents.

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01.2023 – New ACER Validation Rules in the ARIS Test Environment

For end of Januar ACER planed to public new validation Rules in the ACER ARIS Test System. (ARIS Release 7.4)

Validation Rule: Reject Wrong Reporting of IndexName with REMITTable1_V3.

Validation Rule verify that:

      • indexNames in the Order and Trade List are indicated in the Contract, and
      • if there are more than one indexNames indicated in the Contract, each fixingIndex element in the Order and Trade List has a declared indexName

Later this Validation Rule will be enabled in the Production Environment.

16.12.2022 – Updated Q&As on REMIT

On 16 December 2022, ACER published the 28th edition of the Questions & Answers on REMIT. This edition includes new reporting guidance on battery storage contracts (Q&A III.3.51), electric vehicle charging stations (Q&A III.3.52), reliability options contracts (Q&A III.3.53), and metering data-based nominations (Q&A III.4.7). The updated Q&As also clarify the reporting of external factors affecting the production of a unit (Q&A III.7.16) and the qualification of inside information for non-EU facilities (Q&A III.7.24).

Additionally, the updated Q&As on REMIT reflect that the disclosure of inside information will be expected to take place exclusively through Inside Information Platforms as of 1 January 2023, meaning that market participants will no longer be able to use their corporate websites for that purpose, either as a primary or backup solution.

18.11.2022 – ACER updates its REMIT data reporting guidance

The EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) updated:

    • the updated Transaction Reporting User Manual (TRUM) and its Annexes;

    • the updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on REMIT transaction reporting; and

    • a new version (electronic format) for the reporting of REMIT Table 1 transactions.

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11.2022 – New ACER Validation Rules for REMITTable1: totalNotionalContractQuantity

New validation rule to reject null values in totalNotionalContractQuantity in the TradeList of REMITTable1 V1 and V2Rule 2BCDTNCQR2


    • TradeReport > totalNotionalContractQuantity > value is NOT defined OR
    • TradeReport totalNotionalContractQuantity > unit is NOT defined

then the Trade is INVALID.


Error message: Trade must have Total Notional Contract Quantity defined

The rule maps a change in REMITTable1_V3 and will be implemented in November 2022 for V1 and V2 during the transition period for the introduction of V3.

10.2022 – Transaction record reported on behalf of another MP

When a transaction record is reported on behalf of another MP, the beneficiary of the contract is indicated in Table 1 Data field No (8) Beneficiary ID or in Table 2 Data field No (7) Beneficiary ID