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  • Update on the Amended Validation Rules for Table1

We would like to inform you about the most recent updates we received from ACER. 

Please see their statement in the following:

Following our communication sent on validation rules  today (https://remitcloud.de/en/changes-in-validation-rules-related-to-table-1-2/) we have received inputs on the 2 amended validation rules (2BCDPR2 and 2BCDPTR2)  that we are addressing with the entities that opened the CSD tickets.

We have temporarily deactivated the two rules to allow reporting parties to report and work on the compliance with the new rules definition.

In order to avoid any potential misalignment in the implementation of changes by reporting entities we kindly ask RRMs that received rejections with errors R2CDPRCMOSP or R2CDPRCMTSP to open tickets and describe the reported contracts impacted by the validation rules (particularly a type of contract and information reported in fields 25, 35, 36 and 57). We will get back to you to clarify any questions you might have.

Rule 2AODOEDR2x (Error code: R2ODOEDOPT) remained activated.