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Infoflash 10 November 2021

Over the years, market players have raised numerous issues with access to gas transmission capacity at the borders between the European Union (EU) and the Energy Community, as well as within the Energy Community itself. As a consequence, the EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) and the Energy Community Secretariat (ECS) jointly held a public consultation to investigate how the market assesses access to capacity in the region, receiving 15 responses. As a follow up of the analysis, ACER and ECS publish today a joint summary note of the responses.

Among others, market users identified obstacles related to transparency, lack of connection between transmission capacity and commodity markets and gas quality standards. They also pointed out possible solutions including:

  • full adoption and application of the EU and Energy Community regulatory framework (e.g. Network Codes)
  • greater regulatory oversight and
  • addressing market dominance.

ACER and ECS call upon the national regulatory authorities (NRAs) and transmission system operators (TSOs) to follow up with the relevant market players on these issues. These actions can take place at regional level through the Gas Regional Initiative South-South East, whereas specific interconnection points may require action from individual NRAs and TSOs.  

Find out more in the Summary Note.

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