What is ACER?

ACER is an independent European Union (EU) Agency. ACER stands for
'Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators'.

What is our aim?

The Agency´s main objective is promoting a single, well-functioning and transparent energy market in Europe.

How do we do it?

The Agency fosters the cooperation and sharing of best practices among EU National Energy Regulators in the 28 EU Member States. This allows us zo work together in developing sound regulation and complementary rules at national and EU levels. We also monitor trading in wholesale market to detect and prevent market abuse.

What are the benefits for EU citizens?

As national energy markets continue to integrate into an EU-wide internal market, energy companies can compete at EU level. Greater competition in the EU energy market offers you, as an EU energy consumer, a wider choice of suppliers and services and lower prices.
The ACER-funded internal market is also helping to combat climate change by making energy production more efficient. For example, energy surpluses that cannot be used in one country are not lost, but can be stored or sold to meet demand in another country. An integrated market will also facilitate the penetration of renewable energies.

The EU's internal energy market can also improve the security of your energy supply. If Europe is well connected so that energy can flow where it is most needed, the risk of EU citizens suffering from energy disruptions will be reduced.

Finally, they work with national regulators to improve market integrity and transparency and to combat market manipulation and insider trading. They want to ensure that EU energy consumers are not distorted by abusive behaviour.